LuxTrust announces solid 2016 financial results, and confirms its position as European Leader with more than 500,000 subscribers, representing 20% year-on-year growth

Posté le 12 May 2017

Capellen, Luxembourg, 11 May 2017

LuxTrust S.A. is pleased to announce its annual results for the year 2016, with total income exceeding EUR 10 million for the first time in the company’s history, corresponding to an increase in revenues of 9% compared to 2015, thanks to an established number of recurring customers now exceeding 525,000 subscribers. This corresponds to 20% growth. Sound and sustainable profitability has also been confirmed, with an EBITDA margin of 15.4%, and a net profit margin of 8.6%.

2016 was a key year for LuxTrust, with the implementation of its strategy for international development, coinciding with entry into force of the European regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal EU market (eIDAS Regulation).

With a constant focus on quality of service, compliance, sales and innovation, LuxTrust endorsed several initiatives throughout 2016 with a focus on augmenting its value-proposition to the market and to users, in Luxembourg and abroad. It has allowed LuxTrust to acquire new customers in segments other than its traditional banking and governmental sectors, while expanding the services delivered to incumbent pillar clients in Luxembourg.

By year-end 2016, LuxTrust benefited from an extended set of products and services spanning the entire eIDAS value-chain, from Mobile user-devices (LuxTrust Mobile, LuxTrust Scan), and advanced and qualified electronic signatures, to new trust services (eSeal, qualified timestamp), up to new value-added solutions such as a signature platform (SharePoint™).

“Now with more than 500,000 certificate subscribers, LuxTrust is already one of the largest trust services providers in Europe, and the only one to manage a national qualified, trusted and multi-applicative ecosystem compliant with eIDAS. Combined with core competences of 50 permanent employees (up 39 from the end of 2015), and sound profitability and liquidity profiles, the management of LuxTrust is extremely positive about the development opportunities and the positive outlook for the company”, says Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LuxTrust.


About LuxTrust S.A.

Founded in 2005, LuxTrust is the Trust Services Provider operating from Luxembourg. It provides digital identity management, qualified electronic signature services and other trust services in line with eIDAS European regulations. LuxTrust manages digital identities, which are interoperable and multi-applicative, and today serves the entire population of Luxembourg. Trust Services are securely delivered through the cloud, based on user devices including hardware elements as well as mobile solutions to the highest certifications and standards. By virtue of its portfolio combining high-value trust services, a mobile user experience, and innovation, LuxTrust is expanding its international reach.