What is a Signing Server device?

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The Signing Server devices are linked to a LuxTrust Signing Server (*) account and comes in a physical or virtual form to generate One-Time Passwords (OTP). Combined with a User ID and a personal password, this OTP allows users to securely authenticate to an application and to perform digital signature operations.
LuxTrust offers three types of Tokens in the Signing Server Token product range:

- Token
- LuxTrust Scan
- LuxTrust Mobile

Depending on needs, it is possible to link several Tokens (1 Token, 1 LuxTrust Scan and 2 LuxTrust Mobile (Smartphone and/or tablet)) to one single LuxTrust certificate and to authenticate to a single application by different devices.

(*) The certificate that identifies the user (the “certificate holder”) is stored on secure server called “Signing Server”.

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