What is a Token and how does it work?

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The Token is an electronic device, the size of a key fob, with a LCD display and a button to press. Pushing the button generates and displays on the screen of the device a code for single use: the One-Time Password (OTP).

In order to access an application you will need to enter your LuxTrust User ID, your LuxTrust Password and the code displayed on your Token (OTP). LuxTrust will authorize connection when all 3 elements are correct.

More information:
• The Token device is part of the service contract between the User and LuxTrust.
• The services offered include the creation and management of an electronic certificate which protects the electronic identity of the user on the internet.
• The contract is in the form of a subscription with regular updates renewals.
• The electronic certificate is stored on a central server which is secured and protected by LuxTrust.

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