Questions about Signing Stick

  1. Where do I find the activation code?
  2. Which applications can be accessed?
  3. How to choose between a Smartcard and a Signing Stick?
  4. What is the price and validity?
  5. How to order a Smartcard/Signing Stick?
  6. How do I activate my Smartcard/Signing Stick?
  7. Where can I find the codes?
  8. I have got a professional Smartcard/Signing Stick… What does that mean? Do I have to give the card back when I leave the company?
  9. Why do I have to be authorised by my employer for ordering a Smartcard/Signing Stick PRO?
  10. How to activate Java?
  11. Do I have to activate my product when renewing my subscription?
  12. I forgot my PIN. How can I define a new one?
  13. How many trials do I have before blocking my account?
  14. I have misplaced or lost my Smartcard? What can I do to temporarily deactivate the usage of the linked certificate?
  15. My Smartcard/Signing Stick has been stolen. What can I do to irrevocable deactivate the usage of the linked certificate?
  16. How to unblock the PIN?
  17. What is a LuxTrust Signing Stick?
  18. What is the difference between a Signing Stick and the Smartcard?
  19. What is the level of the signature with a Signing Stick?
  20. After having taken out a subscription of a Signing Stick, what will I receive and when?
  21. After having renewed a Signing Stick subscription, when will I receive what?
  22. I would like to activate my Signing Stick. What do I need?
  23. How to install/update the LuxTrust Middleware?
  24. My Smartcard/Signing Stick is not known in the LuxTrust Middleware. What can I do?
  25. The LuxTrust Middleware cannot be started. What can I do?
  26. How to check the configuration of the LuxTrust Middleware?