Secure your online transactions

With the Smartcard, Signing Stick, Signing Server Products (Token, Mobile, Scan), LuxTrust has developed innovative solutions to meet the security needs of all online users.

Our solutions provide everyone with a guarantee of being able to perform their online transactions in complete safety, to authenticate themselves in the most secure possible way in order to avoid identity theft. They guarantee the integrity of the data exchanged. They allow for signing electronic documents and even banking transactions and make it possible to take advantage of online shopping without worrying.

PRIVATE & PRO Certificates

The LuxTrust solutions function on the basis of personal authentication certificates provided by LuxTrust in its capacity as a certification authority. It is thanks to such certificates that LuxTrust guarantees the identity of the person who, via one of these products, is connected to an online application for performing electronic operations.

Those certificates are issued in the name of an individual. It is not possible to issue a single name for a legal entity. But it is however possible to issue certificates for an individual who represents a legal entity.







Multi-application solutions

With one of the four LuxTrust solutions intended for the use of private citizens the user may access a large number of applications made available by bodies that have decided to place their trust in LuxTrust. In the Luxembourg financial market, the users of the LuxTrust solutions may, on their own premises, perform online operations on the basis of applications offered by the majority of financial institutions. Or they can also access the services offered by the State's sole front-office portal ( to take up administrative matters.
The LuxTrust solutions may be combined with a considerable diversity of online applications that require strong user authentication to access them.