Our corporate solutions

Do you know the solutions LuxTrust can offer your business to improve the value of your process?

One of the basic pillars, causing the creation of the company LuxTrust, is the possibility for companies to make administrative tasks electronically.
In this context, LuxTrust provides a platform for electronic certification services to ensure strong authentication of every individual connecting to your application and also for electronic signature services enabling the signature and protection of documents. Our dedicated consulting team is at your disposal to further analyze your needs and assist you in implementing the integration of LuxTrust's solutions within your applications.

Cloud Services

You want to:

  • Safely share documents electronically with your customers, your employees or partners
  • Identify the person who connects to your application online
  • Protect electronic documents in order to achieve a long-term archiving with legal and binding value
  • Verify the authenticity and integrity of an electronic document
  • Guarantee the existence of an electronic document at a specific time

LuxTrust offers solutions to integrate into your existing processes to meet your needs.

Consulting services

Advice on a solution adapted to your company

LuxTrust deploys a large range of solutions to be integrated in the process of securing electronic documents or online transactions, authentication of their authors and of application users online. They also make it possible to sign electronic documents and operations conducted online, as well as to time-stamp them.

The needs of a company in this regard are not all identical.

It is advisable, for each company, to adopt appropriate tools.

These solutions may allow companies to better manage their documents and their data, to perform transactions online in a secure manner, to provide them with legal and probative value, to allow for electronic storage of documents and to ensure their probative value for the long term. They may also assist the company in setting up better electronically assisted governance taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital progress.

LuxTrust, through its consultancy services, can assist its clients in identifying their needs, advise them in terms of solutions to be implemented to respond to them as well as to assist them in commissioning the integration of different tools within the company's applications.