Secure your online transactions

The LuxTrust Token is a device enabling your to perform secured online transactions.

Linked to your LuxTrust digital identity (certificate), the Token is a physical device that generates a one-time password (OTP). Combined with a User ID and password, this OTP enables you to securely log in to applications and perform operations requiring an electronic signature.

How does it work?

The Token is an electronic device, the size of a key fob, with an LCD display and a button to press. Pushing the button generates and displays a one-time password (OTP). This code is valid for just 30 seconds.

To connect to an app, enter your LuxTrust User ID, LuxTrust password and the code displayed on the Token (the OTP). LuxTrust will log you in only if all three of these elements are entered correctly.

Pricelist & orders

The prices shown below are for illustrative purposes only. Before ordering online, please contact your bank to check if you are entitled to a specific offer.

Token Private 35,10 € VAT inc. (30,00 € VAT excl.) Order now
Token Pro 35,10 € VAT inc. (30,00 € VAT excl.) Order now

Compare Luxtrust product's pricelist

Smartcard3 YEARS
Private87,75 € inc. VAT
Pro87,75 € inc. VAT
Private (Urgent)175,50 € inc. VAT
Pro (Urgent)175,50 € inc. VAT
Signing Sticks3 YEARS
Private87,75 € inc. VAT
Pro87,75 € inc. VAT
Token Private35,10 € inc. VAT
Token Pro35,10 € inc. VAT
LuxTrust Scan Private58,50 € inc. VAT
LuxTrust Scan Pro58,50 € inc. VAT
LuxTrust Mobile Private35,10 € inc. VAT
LuxTrust Mobile Pro35,10 € inc. VAT
The price covers the first 34 months of use. Users are invited to rekey their Certificates within the last two months of their subscription; those two months are offered free of charge
(New prices applicable from 01/01/2015 - 17% VAT)

Support et FAQ


To manage your certificate and your LuxTrust devices, go to MyLuxTrust


In the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section you will find all the support you need with regards to the order, activation and use of your device – Go to FAQ


For any technical question, you can contact our HelpDesk by calling +352 24 550 550 or per email at Our staff is available Mondays to Fridays from 8am until 6pm (revocation available 24/7). We kindly invite you to visit our FAQ section beforehand to check if your question has already been answered.