SSL & Object certificates

Perform your transactions in complete security.

SSL certificates ensure the security of online data exchange or OBJECT certificates that allow you to sign developed applications or application components.

The evolution of attack techniques on the internet prompts us to be vigilant when it comes to exchanging sensitive data. To ensure optimum securing of data transmission during transactions conducted online from your PC to a web site or even between different servers, LuxTrust, as a certification authority, provides SSL certificates.

LuxTrust offers various SSL and OBJECT certificates.

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How does it work?

SSL/Object Certificate

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a data transmission security protocol: During transmission, the data are encrypted or, expressed in a different way, rendered illegible to anyone trying to intercept them.

SDC - Single Domain Certificate

A standard SSL certificate makes it possible to secure a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) whether it is linked to a web site or to a server application.

MDC - Multi Domain Certificate

A SAN (Subject Alternative Names) SSL certificate makes it possible to secure up to 10 FDQN (Fully Qualified Domain Names), either linked to web sites or to several applications of one server.


LuxTrust with its SSL Wildcard certificate makes it possible to secure an unlimited number of FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names) belonging to the same name space (e.g.: *.lux. com) with a single certificate (unlimited number of servers).

Code Signing Certificates (Object)

An object certificate makes it possible to sign the application and/or the application components (libraries, applets, JAVA, ActiveX, etc.) developed by the company applying for the certificate

SOFiE/Efile Certificates

Client authentication SSL certificates (Standard SSL certificate) for the use a secured Online File Exchange. 


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Each SSL certificate is linked to the manager of a specifically identified web site or to a server and is not delivered until after it has identified via a stringent procedure the company which ordered that certificate. The name of the domain must also belong to that company

Advanced security

Data encryption up to 256 bit based on a digital certificate with key length of 2048 bits.its.

Holder transparence

With the aid of a simple click on the padlock, the user can identify the identity of the holder of the certificate and thereby be sure of the sole recipient to whom they are preparing to transmit sensitive information (credit card number, user ID and password, etc.).