Compatible Smartcard readers and resellers

Download the list of compatible Smartcard readers

LuxTrust S.A. guarantees the compatibiltiy of the readers in this list with its products.
WARNING: You will not be able to profit from the compatibility guarantee or from LuxTrust's technical support if you use a Smartcard reader which is not listed on the document.

To apply to all of its costumers needs, the experimented technical team at Linsys closely follows the latest technological and legislative developments. Official LuxTrust Smartcard readers reseller. 

Conostix provides security solutions based on LuxTrust products. From SMEs to much larger companies, the solutions provided by Conostix are within the reach of any organization 

Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications
The Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications is a LuxTrust registration authority and and official reseller of Smartcard readers. 

Telindus is a solutions and services provider in the field of information technology and communication. 

A trusted partner of SMEs for all your needs. Our service distinguishes itself by a deep and intense relationship with our customers. Challenge us for your LT / Multiline integration.