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Posté le 21 October 2016





Dear LuxTrust user,
On 6 October LuxTrust announced a partnership with SnapSwap, a financial technology company headquartered in Luxembourg.  That partnership combines LuxTrust’s expertise in managing digital identity with SnapSwap’s innovative payment solution to provide an easy and secure way to send and receive money on your mobile phone - instantly and without fees.
Today we are proud to present the result of our work - a mobile payment application GLONETA. It’s safe and secure, as payment services are licensed and supervised in Luxembourg, and customer funds are stored in top Luxembourgish banks. Only invited customers can access the application.
Since your personal information has been already checked by LuxTrust, you can use Gloneta immediately at your discretion : this is your invitation to Gloneta mobile payments.
What is Gloneta? 
Gloneta is a free way to send money to people all over Europe. It works like a messenger app, where you can chat with friends and family — and now you can send money in your messages too.
Why use Gloneta? 
Gloneta makes it easy for you to split expenses, give gifts, share money with someone. With Gloneta you can chat and send money to anyone in your Contacts on your mobile phone - no need for IBAN number or other details at hand. And they immediately receive the money onto their Gloneta balance. You can transfer money to and from your bank account and Gloneta balance, or add money from your credit card. So it nicely complements your traditional bank accounts and services.
How to get started? 
Download Gloneta app to your mobile phone and you’ll be ready to start sending and receiving money through messenger.
Thank you.
The LuxTrust team