Enabling a digital world

LuxTrust biedt bescherming van de digitale identiteit en de veiligheid van elektronische gegevens van de LuxTrust-certificaathouders. Hierbij wordt gebruikgemaakt van online technologie en oplossingen.

Dankzij de “Enabling a digital world”-aanpak kan LuxTrust deze belofte van technologische vooruitgang en veiligheid tegenwoordig waarmaken.

Who are we?

LuxTrust is a public limited company that provides IT services, created and supported by State, institutional and private partners. Its mission is to guarantee the digital identity and security of the electronic data of companies and citizens

What do we do?

LuxTrust implements and integrates innovative, multi-application and customised solutions in order to secure the exchanges, on-line transactions, identity and electronic data of its customers.

How do we do it?

LuxTrust, aiming to set up a win-win partnership, evaluates its customers’ needs and mobilises its resources in order to develop and implement solutions based on the strictest international standards in digital trust.

Who do we do it for?

LuxTrust provides its services at national and international level to governments, institutions, businesses and private individuals who want to secure their infrastructures or on-line operations.

Why do we do it?

LuxTrust’s ambition is to increase trust in the digital economy in order to make life simpler for citizens and encourage cost reductions for businesses.